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The use of barriers Contflexdique sustainable architecture.

Sustainable architecture, green architecture, eco-architecture and environmentally conscious architecture, conceive the architectural design sustainably, seeking to optimize resources and building systems that minimize the environmental impact of construction on the environment and its inhabitants.

To help with this definition, The main function of the structured mesh is confinement Contflexdique land, mixtures of soil and lime, mixtures of gravel-cement, other materials. Thus gravity walls are constructed to allow no loss mesh filler, this in addition to being confined. If the material is appropriate, will end up settling for a wall of consistency and compactness, because weathering will act on it cohesionándolo.

These meshes are flexible gabions, real barriers that make large fortress with multiple uses.

We consider sustainable building materials to those that are durable and require little maintenance, can be reused, recycled to recover.

The most important and abundant in most regions of the world natural constructions are based on soil. In almost all cases is usually obtained directly from the site when the foundations are dug, or the land itself where it will build.

In more advanced countries and most industrialized General, the abuse of natural resources, centralized production, both in terms of capital, and with regard to the energy, loss-besides polluting the environment.

Therefore, land has re-emerged as a building material. The earthworks, are the way to achieve material savings, energy savings and greater environmental protection, hence the tendency to green building.

Since ancient times man has built with earth, mud, helping water and almost always with materials where you live.

Many ancient mud buildings, land or other natural materials still remain, despite all the elements supported.

How to build naturally summons us to a new vision of traditional technology, with that can help achieve sustainable development, that addresses the environmental problems that we face and we.

The current view of considering the earth as our habitat, for people to live healthy and happy, It's what makes us think of a way to build to ensure natural resources, and sustainability for generations to have to continue living in this world.

We can see certain advantages that we will appoint

  • The land abounds in most places so it is readily available.
  • Their placement is easy for anyone without experience in building, they just have to fill the modules with earth.
  • The material is cheap, no high energy expenditure is required and no harm to the environment.
  • Its function is very high insulation both thermal level, and acoustic.
  • Regulates the environment in relation to climate and humidity.
  • Also causes a great benefit to absorb all kinds of waves harmful to health.
  • Su use the produce debris, waste, etc.. Being his only recycling.

Use materials with low energy consumption throughout the life cycle, will be one of the best indicators of sustainability. The stone materials such as land, the important or the arena, exhibit good energy behavior.

This type of construction, stabilization of the material without being confined land, compacted in time, causing increase durability. Furthermore the stability can be improved by mixing with the walls of earth of any kind such as lime binder, cement, etc..

Contflexdique is a useful and easy commissioning work which favors the viability of sustainable construction and sustainable, objective to be achieved with this type of building.

Do not forget that half the world's population live in earthen houses.

The land has been the most used in housing construction since ancient times item. It represents a huge part of the built environment, and is the result of ancient traditions.

The use and development of this product depends on the designer.