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The use of Contflexdique barriers in urban gardens and organic gardens.

Horizontal urban gardens “Contflexhuerto horizontal”

huerto casa 011mod

An important use of contflexdique barriers is the formation of urban gardens, organic gardens, school gardens, etc., with gabions contflexdique true urban gardens are formed. Its main advantage is its versatility, can be easily placed anywhere, are higher in order to protect the plant air, in addition to plant more plants root, can be folded each 50 cms, without cutting, and fit anywhere. Its weight is negligible, and is held by the action of the earth, peat or substrate used for growing vegetables, vegetables, plants, etc.. It is a flexible and extensible planter. Thanks to its lightness is more appropriate than other products for placement on terraces, roofs, balconies, courtyards, etc.. With this system designed for urban areas many people can cultivate their own vegetables, vegetables, etc.. organically. They act as cultivation tables but settling the place, thanks to its ease of placement, mounting, etc.. Has flaps that can be used for laying flexible arches and turn them in greenhouses. Its generic name is “contflexhuerto horizontal” since this is its use position. Even in the field is very comfortable to use for ease of garden work.

Horizontal models Contflexhuerto

ficha contflexhuerto horizontal
2014-10-24 10.32.49
ficha contflexhuerto horizontal H2CB
Catalogo Huerto urbano

Urban gardens – vertical urban gardens “Contflexhuerto vertical”

2014-10-17 19.17.03

Vertical Contflexhuerto is a vertical garden or orchard to grow in places that have little floor space. The basic idea is to have compartments are positioned vertically, so that each one can plant the plants, desired vegetables or vegetables.

Inside a receptacle compartments placed so, it is this which contain the substrate, or peat land use. This way you will not need to lift the main body forming the orchard or vertical garden, thus being more comfortable shifting cultivation, cleaning, etc..

It's handy to have a garden on a balcony, terrace, etc.. not have much space. Combined horizontal contflexhuerto ago we may have in many cases an important production for own consumption.

Contflexhuerto Vertical height is manufactured in two, three four compartments. For industrial case is made duplex (knapsack type), so that in a small venue can grow a large number of plants, vegetables, vegetables, etc..

One of the great advantages of this product is its lightness in weight, so that this is negligible. By placing hung eel footprint is minimal, making it very versatile and practical.

Vertical Models Contflexhuerto

ficha contflexhuerto v2c
ficha contflexhuerto v3c
ficha contflexhuerto v4c
Hortaliza variadatexto

Vertical garden on a vertical wall using Contflexhuerto

By using different models of vertical contflexhuerto, can generate all kinds of vertical gardens. Depending on the dimensions to cover some models use or other. It is very important to consider that by providing each compartment of a mobile container, plants can be combined very easily, besides being able to change them when you want, since they are independent of each other.

This detail is important because the garden with different plants can be regenerated at any time.

The main container is high strength and are on separate lines. For special cases Puen consider other measures of manufacture of work to be done by the designer this be recommended.

Vertical Contflexhuerto can be served on white or black.

The anchorage system to the wall is simple, Vertical because contflexhuerto has a step bar or tube, from which are hung.


tapia con contflex colgadoterminado