Aquabolsa consists of a flexible tank with an approximate volume of 15 liters. composed of an outer anti-abrasion layer and internally of a double plastic bag (inner polyethylene bag plus a multilayer outer bag). being made of flexible material, the bag shrinks as the container empties.

The valve allows the bag to be emptied by means of a direct plug, which also serves as filling. This has a built-in tap for emptying it at the user's interest.

The bag has dimensions, flat and empty, approximately 45×60 cm and its weight is less than 200 g. being flexible, This can be folded at your convenience as required, occupying a small space.

Can be filled with different types of liquids such as water, other food liquids, oils, hidrocarburos, etc..

The product dispatch system is through a small tap, avoiding contact with air, so its conservation is more optimal and durable.

Thanks to its low weight and dimensions, it is very easy to transport and use..

Uses and applications

In floods it is useful, as a complement to the barrier “aquadam”, for covering gaps in their encounters with sidewalks, or with any obstacle that offers a gap to the water and its blinding is attempted. also to bypass drains, scuppers, etc..

This is achieved through the drain cock., since while the bag is being emptied, this one adapts to the hole, causing a plug.

In emergencies or campaign it is used as a flexible liquid tank. easy to carry due to its low weight and size, in addition to being able to individualize the distribution of liquids such as water, rationally by families or groups of people.