Aqua tank barrierdam

the aqua barrierdam It is composed internally by a sanitary polyethylene tank and externally by a flexible cover made of multilayer anti-abrasion technical fabric.

It has a non-return valve for filling 1 ½”, a valve of 1 ½ ”for emptying and a ½” valve for coupling a barcelona-type fitting for filling with air and facilitating its positioning, If necessary. also, this facilitates the expulsion of air in its folding. if you want to empty by aspiration, This can be done through the fill or drain valve.

the aqua tank-barrierdam has a length of 15,00 m and an approximate height of 50-55 cm. approximate curb weight 32 kg. water capacity around 3.400 liters for use under normal conditions. they are joined together by means of a flexible tube open at their ends made of the same material as the barrier-deposit and this same in turn serves to shorten the size of the barrier, if not used in full length. a bag is available to transport the folded barrier.

Advantages of the Aqua barrierdam:

Independence between the inner tank and the anti-abrasion sleeve. being independent the tank can be completely changed, keeping the barrier the same anti-abrasion cover. Indoor tanks are available for quick change in the event of deterioration. the cost of the product decreases in its maintenance as the tank can be replaced independently of the anti-abrasion cover.

The reservoir can be accessed from both ends of the barrier.

Multi-layer anti-abrasion sleeve protects against wear, of friction by dragging in the ground, and possible cuts to the inner tank, largely avoiding the possibility of puncture, not being directly exposed to the outside.

Quick installation of the barrier.

Positioning on the ground by means of a previous filling with air through the ½ ”valve with its barcelona fitting, independent of filling and emptying valves.

Collection bag larger than the folded product for quick collection at the time of use.

Not attacked by acids, it is resistant to water to 100oC and to most ordinary solvents.

Applications of this material are multiple: such as pipes for water distribution; food packaging, chemicals, etc.; protective systems (Helmets, etc.); waterproofing systems and many other.

Aqua mountdam in pyramid for the formation of different heights of containment of water or other liquids.

Folded barrier.

Barrier in bag

Aqua barrier applicationsdam:

Anti-flood barrier to control floods in agricultural areas, urban, etc..

Control of water avenues for lamination of the same and reduction of the speed of the torrent. placement in ravines and boulevards directing the bodies of water at convenience.

Perimeter protection of industrial buildings, officers, thermal power plants or others.

Repairs in river areas, ditches, channels, power plants, diverting water from the work area.

Water drying on bridge piers or others to make repairs.

In general, in all those jobs where it is necessary to divert the water to proceed to work more comfortably in carrying them out.

As a temporary emergency dam on beaches, for building protection, installations, treatment plants, etc.. before storms.

Like water reservoirs, both for human consumption or others.

In addition to water, it can be filled with other types of liquids, such as fuels, oils, etc..