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Contflex flexible gabion barrierdam

The product called "Contflex flexible gabion barrierdam”Is formed in lines of different dimensions, in thicknesses, lengths and heights, that are made up of compartments that will be filled with earth or other materials, so that sustained or confined earth walls can be made, or also gravel mixtures- cement, land mixing with lime, etc.. There are multiple applications that can be carried out with these barriers as it is possible to build walls quickly and easily. With contflexdique flexible gabion barrier lines, gravity walls are economically generated, clean and sustainable materials, respecting our landscapes, our biodiversity, and leaving the imagination of the designer many opportunities.

It is light

Versatile, maximum manageable, Easily transportable, and with little expense, since its low weight means that thousands of meters of Contflex line can be transporteddam with a low cost.

Easy to use

Its simplicity makes farmers, livestock, people who use it and eliminate many costs, because they place themselves, and fill it with a simple excavator.


The cost of the filling material is inexpensive, since in most of its uses own farm land is used to standing.


Easy to implement in places of difficult access, barriers are adapted to the terrain that can be covered with earth and plant over. Because the width of the walls do not need foundations. It is very useful to the earthquake by elasticity. If you wish to remove is relatively easy and, waste is generated only.

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What is High Density Polyethylene?

The HDPE, commonly known in English by the acronym in Spanish as HDPE and PTAD, It is a polymer that is characterized by good thermal and chemical resistance and good impact resistance (known for its high strength / density); also, It is easy to process, es flexible, is solid, is translucent and almost colorless, is difficult to paint, print the pick on él, It is very light, and its density is equal to or less than 0,952 g/cm3.

Not attacked by acids, it is resistant to water to 100oC and to most ordinary solvents.

Applications of this material are multiple: such as pipes for water distribution; food packaging, chemicals, etc.; protective systems (Helmets, etc.); waterproofing systems and many other.

“Contflexdique wishes to improve the quality of life with its research in everything that refers to the use of this material, as a means of sustaining earth walls, by manufacturing a structured mesh with multiple utilities. With our product great advances can be achieved in the field of agriculture, livestock, sustainable construction, in engineering and many other everyday, that will make humanity solvent part of its problems so that people can achieve a better well-being. "



  • Protection: 10×20
  • Materia base: PTAD-HDPE
  • Color: black
  • Diameter of wire: 252 microns
  • Coefficient of variation: 3,30%
  • Weight: 140 -135 grams
  • Warranty: 5 Years southeast Spanish
  • Porosity: 37,90%
  • air passage: 41,8%
  • Reduction: 58,2%
  • Pore ​​shape: rectangular
  • Pore ​​diameter: 255,8 microns
  • Coefficient of variation: 7%
  • Pore ​​area: 0,199mm2
  • Width: 253,9 microns
  • Long: 784,3 microns
  • Parallelograms: 9,20%
  • Trapecios: 54,40%
  • Trapezoids: 36,40%
  • Yarn breaking strain / kg:1.3 kg
  • Urdimbre: 2562 kg/m
  • Plot: 1261 kg/m
  • Tolerances in action: 3%

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