Cylindrical or tubular flexible gabions

These types of gabion are formed by a woven net with a square or diamond mesh knot.

Material can be high-strength polyethylene or nylon. The diameter is 4 mm and 45 mesh×45 mm. The diameter of the gabion is 40 cm aprox. and its length of 2 m. For other measures consult.

These gabions are filled with stones or gravel and are used for use in the protection of margins or banks in rivers or streams such as torrents., in outlets of water pipes to protect the land where it empties, acting as a sink, in natural treatment plants as filters, etc.. It is a gabion that can be placed directly into the water and form barriers. These can also be vegetarian, integrating into the environment. This type of gabion is filled with stone or gravel before proceeding to its placement in the area where it is required..