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Bienvenidos a Gaviones flexibles página oficial del producto Contflexdique :

Contflexdam : flexible gabions born in Spain…

as a future-oriented company that wants to implement their products worldwide. Our trade is under an ethical and responsible vision. All persons involved externally and internally with Contflexdam flexible gabions act in accordance with good practice and responsible behavior.

Our practices are completely friendly to the environment, preserving the biodiversity of the environment and facilitating sustainable management of natural resources.

Contflexdam aims to work with people locally, nationally and internationally in the development of your business. We create value for our investors, be a safe option for our attitude and rigor.

Contflexdam shared commitments of organizations like: and

Contflexdam intends to collaborate with civil society organizations as a sponsor and support for social action and patronage.

Contflexdam he committed to the principles of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic) .

Contflexdam minimizes the environmental impact from the start of your product to its final use.

Contflexdam thanked all his followers and customers for making every day we grow.

Contflexdam want to make a special mention of the Construction Education Foundation of Aragon ( by the support given to the development of this product.

eco responsible corporation - contflexdique
Green business
green cleaning - contflexdique
environmental Protection - flexible gabions
Recyclable polyethylene - flexible gabions

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