With flexible barriers gabion slope can be sustained contflexdique, slopes, marguenes, boundaries, nieve, (In this case you can be filled with the same snow) acting on these / as as a gravity wall, but built if desired, and the terrain permits, with the same material terrain where it is placed, fully sustainable manner without affecting the environment. Se recuperan o reparan laderas o taludes, both mountain, and level land where breaks occur, ravines, de forma que estos puedan escalonarse sosteniendose el terreno natural de forma fácil, both in the case of temporary works as fixed. What is intended is to realize a retaining wall in the most natural way possible, avoiding rigidities that would occur in the case of using concrete or reinforced concrete or other rigid materials. In this case it is not necessary to foundation, in any case a small recess for the first barrier contflexdique, that will support their immediate superior. If desired can be joined vertically barriers loose corrugated steel bars as used in the concrete or reinforced concrete, with this is given greater flexibility to the wall, although it is not necessary since the wall works by gravity as gabions lattices. Barriers can be linked to one another in their longitudinal direction, pues disponen de un sistema de conexión para introducir una barra de acero entre ellas. En el caso que presentamos, the barriers are all the same thickness land. For cases of greater height or size of work barriers of different wall thicknesses are placed, as required by the structural engineering calculation.

So the first line of flexible contflexdique barriers placed gabions.


That done, level at the top, we proceed to fill the exterior surface to the facing hillside or slope, so that it is fully filled and leveled. Si es necesario se habrá colocado el drenaje correspondiente. Posteriormente se procede a la colocación y llenado de la barrera superior, realizando la misma operación que anteriormente.






Gabions flexible barriers must be moved in height above 25, 50, or more cms, depending on the stability needed, so that working on pyramidal, both safety at work, as being a better constructive solution, besides this way will have ceased terraces can be planted with the desired vegetation.

Las mayores ventajas que tiene la utilización de los gaviones flexibles contflexdique son: la rapidez de los trabajos en la obra, of logistics (9 9x1x1 m barrier weighs 9 kg), puede llevarla el operario debajo del brazo, for its light weight. (Todo esto redunda en la economía del costo final de la obra). Se llena con máquinaria de forma rápida. Easy installation on site. Respect for the environment, (because in many cases the natural terrain itself is used), y además en caso de obras provisionales no generan escombro. It is also very important flexibility, which it makes it very adaptable to ground movements and earthquakes. Estas barreras también pueden ser llenadas con hormigón de consistencia seca, but please take dry mixing and humidifying it afterwards. También se le echa algún tipo de aglomerante si se desea una mayor resistencia de inicio.

Over time the land will autocompactando thanks to the humidity, the air, the rains, etc..


As you can see in this article, easily and efficiently it has made a retaining wall naturally, muy rápido de ejecución , con una máquina y uno o dos trabajadores. Needless to say, like the hillsides and slopes sotenimiento, es valido para realizar diques de contención de aguas u otros liquidos. although in these cases it is normal to work on each line with different thicknesses of gabion, as we ask the structural calculations.

Later we will put an article about making rafts, deposits, dump containers, etc.. using gabions flexible barriers contflexdique.


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