Video road repair mount
gabions, rolled presentation

Video road repair mount

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Repair of mountain roads with multiple causes are necessary, one of the most common are water flows. Contflexdique using gabion barriers, to turn these into real embankments, so that the weight gains contflexdique flexible gabion barrier is sufficiently high that can not be washed away by water, so that the path, slope, unstable slope or lean on the wall that you have made, so we can easily go land containing, forming terraces on plots, in the event to raise height necessary, etc..

Thanks to the lightness in weight of the gabions contflexdique, for ease of transport, a su montaje, and high resistance to, its versatility, contflexdique flexible gabions is the most economical system for water laminations, sinks in ravines, regulation of river ravines, earth dams, building perimeter walls deposits, rafts, walls gavión, green walls, construction of specks in rivers, Repair Tollos, reeparación margins in rivers, slope stabilization, level rise on roads, etc..

With flexible gabions contflexdique true anti flood barriers are made, with which you can control the flooding rivers, acting as true storm defenses. These barriers if desired may be hidden within the land, covering these and even can plant vegetation in the mantle of land used to eliminate vision.


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